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Middle School

Middle school is an exciting time for students as they become more independent, have a wider variety of learning opportunities, and develop friendships that often last a lifetime. At The Christian Academy, we partner with parents during this season to foster positive growth — academically, socially, and spiritually.

The primary goal of our middle school program is to help each student strengthen their identity in Christ while preparing for high school and beyond. In middle school support is provided while students adjust to more independence and responsibility. Students are challenged academically, taught to take initiative, and a focus is placed on the development of Christ-like character.

Seamless Transition

The transition from elementary school to middle school is exciting, but can be an intimidating one. Our Middle School staff supports students and families through these changes, and the smaller class sizes allow teachers to devote more time to each individual student and his/her needs.  All students participate in study skills and character development classes that challenge them to develop independence and to navigate this new world from a biblical perspective. 

Academic Rigor

The transition to middle school comes with an increase to the academic rigor associated with each class.  These classes will challenge students not just to know content, but to learn to apply it to all aspects of their lives.  Our core academic classes that meet every day are math, history, science, Bible and language arts.  Middle school students also take art, music, and physical education, and have the opportunity to sign up for a wide array of other electives.  

Caring Community

At TCA your middle school child will feel known, loved, and be mentored by Christian teachers, coaches, and staff.   They will develop a growth mindset — the belief that their success is in their own hands and skills can be cultivated through perseverance.  They will have numerous opportunities to strengthen their God-given talents in the arts, competitive athleticsleadership, and ministry  And, most importantly, they will grow deeper in their faith through small groups, retreats, weekly chapels, and regular prayer/Bible study.


Dr. Matthew Dunn

Assistant Principal, Secondary Lead

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